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Irem Aydin(she/he/they) is a theater director, author and community organizer from Turkey. Her work mainly focuses on the intersection of queer and post migrant topics & theories by transforming biographical perspectives into artistic forms. She studied Spanish Language and Literature at Istanbul University and had master studies in Theater Creation in Carlos III de Madrid University in Spain. She has been invited to festivals such as Theatertreffen - International Forum 2018 in Berlin, INTERPLAY – Young Playwrights Festival in Sweden, Hamburg Kampnagel Sommerfest – Artists Lab, Det Frie Felts Festival in Denmark in 2023. Since her migration to Germany in 2019; her projects are funded by Weltoffenes Funding of Berliner Senate (Waves-2020), Soziokultur (Waving Bodies-2021) and Fonds Darstellende Künste (A View from a Window, Cruising Galaxies, Planet Lubunya, Futuristic Nostalgia). The production titled Kent Melodien that she directed premiered at Karlsruhe Staatstheater in November 2021. Her latest project, a queer sci-fi theater production Planet Lubunya premiered at Ballhaus Ost Theater in 2022. Prior to her career in Germany, she worked as an artistic director at independent theater venue Entropi Sahne in İstanbul where she directed acclaimed pieces such as Türkland and Yerden Yukarı Bulutların Altında/Above the Ground Under the Clouds.

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