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Collective Diaries - Published by Mitos Boyut Publications


Three authors living in different countries Irem Aydin(Berlin), Sevinç Çalhanoğlu(New York), Neslihan Yakut(Vienne) had conversation through e-mails over the course of a year in form of diaries. Their experience as authors in different fields such as theater, poetry, literature, translation, their relation to home countries after leaving and the politics are among the main topics of their conversation. Their collective writings are published by Mitos Boyut Publications by the editors Eylem Ejder and Handan Salta.



In Limbo - Sharing Pride on Nowness

The poem ''Fairy of the Night'' written by İrem Aydın, is performed by the artist Akış Ka in Harun Güler's short movie ''In Limbo'' on Nowness for Pride 2022. 


Waving Cities - The Article Series


'Waving Cities' is the article series about everyday life of Irem Aydın as someone who recently migrated from Istanbul to Berlin. She transmits her personal experience, queer and art scene in between two cities and questions the meaning of home, identity, intimacy, safety, love and freedom. 

Die ersten Blüten der Quarantäne

Der März und seine 120 Tage

Heimisch in der U8

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