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PLANET LUBUNYA - 2022 - A queer sci-fi journey into space

Get ready to leave earthly affairs behind and start a new journey into space. The world is cancelled and we are offering you a safer space in space. If it sounds scary, no need to worry. You will be accompanied by experts facilitating your integration into the unknown system — a cryptic system that requires mysterious missions to unlock as we Traverse hitherto unexplored language and motion. Our target is the ultimate utopia called »Planet Lubunya«. Hurry up and take your seats in the spaceship. This is an emergency take off.  


»Planet Lubunya« was initiated by İrem Aydın (Berlin) and Efe Durmaz (İstanbul) in 2020 as a format for digital solidarity between queer people in Turkey and Germany. It now takes off as a theater production with (mainly) Berlin based artists and is heading towards interstellar collaborations with artists from a multitude of places.  


BolBola aka Michael(a) Daoud, Queen of Virginity, David JongSung Myung, Valli Sefa Okutan & Olympia Bukkakis and Cameo by Kübra Uzun (on screen)

Artistic Direction & Director

İrem Aydın




Dramaturgy, Choreography

Kareth Schaffer

Stage & Costume Design

Kallia Kefala

Project consultant, scriptwriting and translation

Liv Katny

Sound design

Gizem Oruç aka 6zm

Film director

Efe Durmaz

Video & Graphic design

Ainissa V

Project Assistance

Pegah Keshmirshekan

Stage & Costume collaboration

Aleix Llussà Lòpez

Technical Direction & Light

Fabian Eichner

Production Management

Tine Elbel


Mayra Wallraff


A production by İrem Aydın in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR.

Kent Melodien - 2021

As part of an audio walk, we invite you to a discovery of the alternative geography of Karlsruhe. With the help of personal stories of the Turkish-speaking diaspora, we create an auditory map of memory and awaken places that still hold undiscovered depths. Combining temporal and spatial experiences, we offer a multi-perspective approach to our city's history and the people who helped write it.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement, the theater maker Irem Aydin and the award-winning author Özlem Özgür Dündar have joined forces to make the stories and melodies of those who came as guest workers and stayed as people audible.


More Information


 A View From a Window - 2021

 'A View from a Window’ is a project including participants from two cities -Berlin and Istanbul- where they write the things they see, hear, smell and witness through their windows on daily basis during the universal lockdown. In this way, as readers we can track the impacts and effects of pandemic from a daily life perspective and its influence on random streets of two different cities through the journals of the writers. A window becomes a transparent playground for the writers where they transmit their own experience and the ways of dealing with isolation. Also this playground of multiple views give us an overview on how Germany and Turkey handle this critical situation simply by observing the stories of streets. This voyeuristic sense of seeing outside world from private inner angles also provides us textual air view from various districts of both cities. Following sounds, images and texture of streets gives us the dual sense of reading and picturing links from eye to mind by inviting continual attention to images visualised in addition to those seen on window.
All of the writers included in the project are women, LGBTQI* people and people with migratory backgrounds. The physical distance which is associated with the pandemic also gives a new highlight to questions of identity and belonging. Not being able to leave our homes has also prevailed and crystallized the already existing power structures and social inequality. At the same time, there has been an illusion of disappearance of borders as digitalism has become the only way of connecting with the world. We observe these paradoxes through the intime perspective and personal experiences of participants.

“Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.”

PLANET LUBUNYA Digital - 2020

Planet Lubunya SON .jpg

Planet Lubunya is a post-migrant, queer-femme collective formed during the pandemic within the need of solidarity and empowerment between Istanbul and Berlin. It includes various interdisciplinary artists, performers and activists. Planet Lubunya aims to create space for under-represented people by focusing Non-European perspectives. 

Our first event including drag performance, lecture performance, painting, video art and panel discussion is supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung and live streamed with Zoom. Planet Lubunya is a border-free zone without requirements for any type of visa or a passport. However, it sets up certain rules for its residents.

Rule #1: Planet Lubunya is open to all kinds of orientations, expressions and declarations. It is a free space for everyone to define themselves however they want to. Nevertheless, it does not accept any discriminatory, racist, homophobic behaviours or statements so anyone conducting them will be abandoned to the gravity-free environment of the space.

Rule #2: Planet Lubunya is completely sterilised from Phobic-19 and all the other variants and mutations such as patriarchy. If anyone thinks they have the symptoms they are highly and urgently recommended to isolate themselves for the rest of their lives.

Rule #3: Our spacecraft on our way to Planet Lubunya, does not fuel itself with a certain liquid or gas but it does only require the participation and ovation of its passengers. Therefore the louder we become the faster we arrive at our planet of utopias.

Planet Lubunya is initiated and curated by İrem Aydın and Efe Durmaz.

Link for more info

Waves Project (2020)


'Waves' is an Art Project including series of workshop and events called 'Waving Bodies' and the column 'Waving Cities'. The project is realized through Weltoffenes funding programme of Berlin Senate in collaboration with the artist İrem Aydın and cultural platform Maviblau. 


More Details


Illustration: Eva Feuchter

 Golem (2019)                                  

Golem 2 .jpeg

Director/Text: İrem Aydın
Performers: Alara Lokum, Kübra Balcan, Arda Uğurlu, Şakir Güler
Movement: Köksal Ünal
Sound and Effect Design: Özcan Ertek
Light: Mahmut Eker

Video link


The Sheet (2018)

In the performance based on the concept of ‘borders’ we are witnessing the exploration of the performers as they keep constructing and de-constructing the division between time and space and their onstage identities through the constant transformation of their bodies between subject and object as the line between personal and universal borders become more ambiguous.


Director/Text: İrem Aydın

Performers: Natasha Petrovic, Simona Spirovski, Nenad Mitevski, Bojan Kirkovski

Premiere - 43.MOT International Theater Festival



The Wedding (2018)

Performers on stage as guests of Turkish-German wedding struggle to continue wedding ceremony as bride and groom do not appear.

Director: İrem Aydın, Damian Popp 
Text: İrem Aydın, Jonas Schilling

Performers: Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu, Jonathan Strotbek, Ilgıt Uçum, Amelie von Godin, Nazmi Sinan Mıhçı, Jonas Schilling

2018 November
Istanbul - Premiere
Berlin - BrotFabrik Theater, Europaischer Kulturen Museum
Bochum - Zeitmaul Theater
Essen - Katakomben Theater, SANAA- Gebäude Zollverein





above the ground under the clouds (2017)


is a performance about effects of current events on our daily lives and how we perceive tragedy through technology today. Three young people trapped in undefinable place struggle against fear of going out despite of their desire as their body and conscious slowly dissolve under the shadow of inevitable information coming from digital platforms. It is about the common sense of insecurity that contemporary people share universally.

Concept & Text: İrem Aydın
Performers: Arda Ugurlu, Slagana Vujosevik, Alara Lokum


Istanbul - Entropi Sahne, 2017 - ongoing
Istanbul - Bomontiada, 2018 October
Skopje, MOT Festival, 2018 September
Hansa48 Kiel, Germany, 2018 March



TürkLand (2017)

'Türkland' is an adaptation of autobiographic book by Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu as a woman growing up in Germany with Turkish background and moving back to Turkey after she falls in love. It is a search of identity in between cultural differences and bias of both societies.

Text: Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu 
Director: İrem Aydın

Performers: Dilşad Budak Sarıoğlu, Ilgıt Uçum

Germany; Stuttgart Bibliotek, Frankfurt Gallus Theater, Heidelberg DAI, Dortmund Hansa Theater, Cologne Kulturbunker, Hildesheim Theater, Munich Pasinger Fabrik, Essen Katakomben Theater, Hamburg Honigfabrik, Berlin Moabit, Bremen Kukoon

Istanbul; Entropi Sahne, The Circle Space, SUPA, Apartman Sahne

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